Shifting into a New Season!

Blessed is the {woman} who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but {her} delight is in the {Word} of the Lord, and {she} meditates on his {Word} day and night. {She} is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in SEASON and whose leaf does not wither. WHATEVER SHE DOES PROSPERS! Psalm 1:1-3


Can you believe we are about to embark upon a new season in just a couple of weeks? Bye, bye Summer Sun and hello Autumn Apples! This past Monday I had the “privilege” to have some one-on-one time with the Lord (I must admit that I took this time for granted as a single woman – lol) and He led me to Psalm 1 for this month’s prayer calls.


Can I share with you some of my notes from my time with our Daddy?


  • This is not the season to stroll, stand, or sit with “silly sisters”!
We must be surrounded by wise women who are moving in the things of God. Who are not barking against leadership, but working the work in spite of their disagreements or not understanding. Pray that in this season God will either upgrade the faith of your current friends or send you some new ones – We’re Shifting into a New Season!


  • No time for “Parking Lot”, “Off the Record”, “Private” Meetings!

I laugh at some of the differences my sister Tanera and I have, but there is one trait that I desire of her’s and that is zero tolerance for non sense! As we move into this new season, it is so very crucial that we protect our ears, hearts and minds. We must be careful of even the words we speak to ourselves – We’re Shifting into a New Season!


  • What God is taking me through this season is going to take GIGANTIC faith!

We must surround ourselves with some Elizabeth’s. Women who are pregnant with purpose and have gone through the first trimester. When we are ready to throw in the towel because of mishaps, mistakes, and mischiefs, she tells us to not to go back to the boat of safety, but keep your eye on Jesus and walk on water – We’re Shifting into a New Season!


I’m excited for Fall as it is a time of harvest! The seeds the farmer sowed three years ago, three months ago are about to BLOOM and so are yours!


Posted by Edna Campbell on September 16, 2013
Sister... I know we are on to something bigger than ourselves. First of all let me introduce my self. My name is Edna Campbell. I am a friend of Eula. She referred me to you regarding my 12 yr.old Her name is Aaliyah Washington. She attends (OSA) Oakland School of the Arts. She is hosting her first free Gospel concert in LA on Thanksgiving day. She will be feeding and giving away toiletry bags to the homeless. I am looking forward to meeting you. As I clicked on your page and was led to your website I found it touching that Aaliyah just recited her newly learned scripture yesterday at church Psalms 1:1-3. WOW confirmation to the 10th degree!!!
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