The Walking Wounded

The Walking Wounded
A thief comes to steal and kill and destroy, but I came to give life—life in all its fullness. John 10:10

The familiar Scripture above plainly and succinctly spells out what the enemy's purpose is and tells us the Lord's promise to counteract and thwart the enemy's plans. The enemy comes to steal your joy, kill your vision, and destroy your plans. Unfortunately, we don't always recognize his works right away. Sometimes his plans are dressed up in negative self-talk and self-doubt. We know what the Lord has given us to do, but we trip ourselves up with our own thoughts: nobody will support this idea, this will never work, how on earth am I going to do that?, I'm not cut out for this. Like David, we have to encourage ourselves! 

We must continue in the work that the Lord has given our hands to do! You begin to believe in yourself again and just like that, the enemy slips in and uses someone close to you, to tear down what the Lord is doing with you and through you. Without even thinking about it, our first response sometimes is to fire back...with harsh words and/or with harsh actions. And if that doesn't stop them, we launch several more attacks until we feel that we've "won". Usually the attacks that we launch in retaliation are not physical. No, they're very subtle.

We retreat and stop supporting them, we stop speaking and we get others onboard with us to pull back and disassociate from them - our perceived enemy. Do you see what just happened? That sister or that brother was just hit with "friendly fire"...from you! We didn't see the real adversary responsible for all of the chaos. We simply saw the brother or sister who hurt us and we fought back -- and we hurt them.

The fallout is we become a body of walking wounded. We're all injured, but we've learned how to keep going. We have lots of walking wounded in our churches, in our homes and in our families. Nobody stops long enough to get treatment or to allow themselves to heal. No, they keep going. If you've ever tried to help an injured animal, you may have found out firsthand that they will bite you or hurt you when you try to tend to their wounds.

It’s sometimes the same way with us. Hurt people, hurt people. These walking wounded don't always realize that their actions or words are hurtful. They are simply protecting themselves from further hurt. You can't get close to them because they lash out or keep you at a distance (another way of protecting themselves). Don't take it personally. We have to recognize the real enemy working behind-the-scenes to keep us fighting and wounding one another.

I encourage you today to meet Jesus at the altar and leave your pain, your hurts, your disappointments and your sorrows there with Him. Cast your cares upon Him. Not only does he care for you, He can make you whole again.


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