Prayer Guide

By Shyreka Sturdivant |  July 27, 2017

Conference Prayer Guide
As we believe God for his favor and grace in preparation for the 2017 "We Win" Conference on Land", you can participate in these faith actions:

  1. Fast one day per week until the Conference begins.
  2. Declare the 2017 “We Win” Conference Beliefs daily until the Conference begins.
  3. Thank the Lord daily that the women He desires to be in attendance will be.
  4. Invite women within your sphere of influence to attend, expecting them to come and have their lives empowered.
  5. Stand in faith that the budget will be met.
  6. Believe that the participants will be fully engaged in powerful praise and worship, discipleship, and establishment of new, powerful connections for next level development.
  7. Meditate and thank God for every woman to have ears to hear, hearts to receive and minds renewed to:
    • Deny their flesh (Galatians 5:19-26)
    • L.I.V.E. – Live In Victory Everyday (Psalm 118:17)
    • B.E.L.I.E.V.E. – Because Emmanuel Lives I Expect Victory Every time (Mark 10:27)
    • Resolve to raise their commitment level to God’s Word (Judges 6:12-14).
Prayers of Belief:
Father in Jesus Name, I thank you and I am
in faith for a life-giving “I Am An Overcomer” Conference.
I thank you that the Water Walking Women Team and every volunteer has the wisdom, strength, and anointing to go forth in excellence.
I have an expectation for a powerful demonstration of the presence of God at every session through praise and worship and the teaching of the Word. I believe in faith that every speaker will operate in a tangible demonstration of the Spirit and of power.
I believe that women will commit to the Lord,
connect for discipleship, and be empowered
for life in a multi-cultural atmosphere.
I believe that the faithful registrants will participate and will have favor for flexible work schedules, favor in their finances, and favor with their families.
I believe that every woman who participates in
the Conference will have an ear to hear, a
heart to receive, her mind renewed, and her
spirit empowered.
I believe that all of the resources and workers will be available for the operation of the Conference.
I believe that because of this event, women will receive a deeper understanding of who they are in You and because of You. I thank you for resources provided to meet and exceed the budget and the willingness of all to give in support of this kingdom endeavor.
I thank you that women will develop a deeper prayer life for themselves, their family, church and community. I thank you that all planes, trains, and automobiles will bring us to and from our destinations safely.
I thank you that women from all over the world, from all walks of life will gather with no competition or conceit and will celebrate Christ and His Creation together. I thank you that women will leave the Conference with a new assertiveness, empowerment, and plans that expand the Kingdom of God within their personal lives. In Jesus’ Name – AMEN!