This Week's "Spotlight" Pastor

By Shyreka Sturdivant |  October 30, 2014

What an amazing time we have had this month, placing the “Spotlight” on God’s Grace Gifts to us – PASTORS! When I look over my own personal life, I’m in awe of God’s great love for me; that He would give me Shepherds after His own heart! This week we will conclude our focus, but we will make every effort not to dim our lights of love for our Pastors.

We leap for joy to introduce you to this week’s “Spotlight Pastor” - Reverend Gregory Sanders, Senior Pastor of The ROCK Christian Fellowship in Long Beach, CA! Pastor Sanders love for God truly shines bright by the way he loves God’s people!

One of the ways Pastor Sanders love for God’s people is exemplified is through the various ministries offered at The ROCK Christian Fellowship. We were browsing their Facebook page and took note of an awesome witnessing event they held – FREE LAUNDRY WASHES at a local Laundromat there in Long Beach!

It’s Pastor Sanders’ “Spirit-Filled Out of the Box” thinking that draws people of all Nationalities, Ages and Backgrounds. It is Pastor Sanders’ ability to take time out and pray for you or encourage you. It is Pastor Sanders’ ability to encourage and uplift other Ministries. And that is what has drawn Water Walking Women to him and his Women to us. As a matter of fact, last year he pinned the following and we adopted it as our “definition” of what a Water Walking Woman is: “The buoyancy of unsinkable hope is inflated by gentle women who fearlessly fight with faith, love and prayer”.  

Sisters, if you are ever in the Long Beach or surrounding areas, please stop by The ROCK Christian Fellowship located at 5251 E. Stearns Street in Long Beach, California. If you aren’t in the area, maybe you can catch one of their “Hour of Power” Conference Calls (I just gave it that name because it gives me power after I hang up – LOL) every Wednesday morning at 5:00 am PST/8:00am EST. Here’s the details: 605.477.2100 Enter Code 428308#; check the out!