Overcoming their opinions with your lifestyle

By: Shyreka Sturdivant

Can you really make someone stop looking down at you? Can you really get …Read More

Highlights from our Conference on Land

Prayer & Praise Reports

Healing and Favor

 posted by: BJ on 12/31/2016

Stand in agreement with my family regarding a settlement. We pray in the name of Jesus for favor in the courts for us and our attorney. Release the offers to flow. Let the healing start not only financially, but spiritually as well. We move... Read More

Jobs, house, finances

 posted by: Nancy on 10/17/2016

My husband and I have both lost our jobs and are looking for employment. Please pray that we find jobs soon. Please pray that our house sells as we cannot afford it. Please pray for our family, our health, our financial stresses. Thank you. Read More

Prayer for my job

 posted by: Gwen on 9/22/2016

I'm asking for overall favor and victory that I'm reinstated to my job at a hearing next week. Read More

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