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Conference CD's are now available!

We are pleased to share that you are now able to order our Conference …Read More

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Feel free to browse our 2014 "I Am Enough" Digital Magazine for …Read More

We're saving you a seat!

We are saving a seat for you on the boat - just make sure you pay your …Read More


Can I Get A Witness?

By: Sharon Judie

A couple of weeks ago I was honored to have my original script …Read More

Prayer & Praise Reports


 posted by: Rod Jones on 11/12/2015

Please pray for my mother, she was here in Calif. visiting and now She is in the hospital and kidney's are failing her. Read More

I Will Trust in the Lord

 posted by: Wanda on 11/6/2015

Worry & stress caused me to lose my hair! God allowed me to lose my mind (a little), lose my home, live without lights or water for 6 weeks. I had to learn prayer and fasting right quick. Then in the darkness, the Lord asked me "when did... Read More

Praise Report

 posted by: Helen Meeks on 10/1/2015

I had surgery in July and thankful for God working with the doctors to bring me through the surgery. I have a long way to go but I have returned to work with light duty assignments. Read More

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