We Win

By: Min. Hazel Cherry

When you ask the greatest athletes, what sets them apart or how do they win? …Read More

Highlights from our Conference on Land

Prayer & Praise Reports

Praise Report

 posted by: Kofi and Ericka Arhin on 6/14/2018

God has richly bless us to give birth to Jada Simone. She is healthy and weighs 6 lbs. 9 oz. what a blessing. We now parents of two wonderful daughters. Read More

Praise Repoet

 posted by: Carrie Bratton on 6/14/2018

After seven years, on Monday, June 11th, I was notify by authorizes my daughter has been locate and is safe. I am grateful to God to know he has kept her. Read More

Praise Report

 posted by: Patricia on 4/26/2018

Cecil Watson has improve after having a stroke and will be release to go home on Sunday. However, he needs your prayer in receiving Christ in his life. Read More

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