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We are in for a real treat as our Father speaks to and through His anointed …Read More

Look GOOD While Supporting GOOD!

  Hello Dear Sisters!   God is doing an amazing …Read More

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We are saving a seat for you on the boat - just make sure you pay your …Read More

Prayer & Praise Reports

Strength and Growth

 posted by: Sharon Millen on 7/16/2014

I feel like I'm stuck between growth and falling behind. I am currently trying to attend school to finish my courses and apply for a nursing program. I also feel like I want to have more children before I'm too old. Everyday is a... Read More

Stable Housing

 posted by: Francesca on 7/3/2014

My daughtr and I have been separated for a few years now and we are seeking rental property, so that she and I can be underone roof again Read More

Jimmy Washington

 posted by: Denise Wyrick on 7/3/2014

Please pray for a good friend, Jimmy Washington, he had back surgery over a month ago and he's had a few set-backs. First it was blood clots, then swelling in his legs and feet, and now he's in lots of pain. Thank you. Read More

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