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One Day Left

Tomorrow at 2 a.m., we “spring forward,” turning our clocks ahead by an hour. We will lose an hour of sleep, but gain more light in the later evening. The question I ask myself and you is, “Are you ready to “spring forward”? Are you ready to say goodbye to Winter and the cold and dryness that comes along with it and say hello to Spring and the colors and vibrancy that it brings?

It is interesting that all of God’s creation makes the shift into new seasons with the exception of the one creation that He gave dominion and authority to – the Human Race. Animals hibernate in the winter; they store the necessary food to get them by and in the spring they come out of hibernation. Leaves and branches fall off of trees and flowers in the winter, but bounce back even brighter in the spring.

But what about us? Did we store up enough to make it through the winter months? Did we allow some things to die and fall off, so that we can bounce into spring with a clearer vision and focus? If not, it’s not too late. While daylight savings time starts tomorrow, Spring isn’t here until the 20th. So, we still have eight days before Spring comes to prepare for it.

Here’s what we must do according to Isaiah 43:18-19:Forget the former things: Yes it happened, but thank God it is over. Move forward!Do not dwell on the past: Remember Lot’s Wife? She had to have just one last glance before moving on, but that one last glance cost her, her life. That one last time, could cost you everything. Move forward! See Genesis 19:26 See, I am doing a new thing: Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you through His Word and Witnesses what He is doing in your life. What is it you should be focusing on in this new season? Who do you need to be surround by and who do you need to assist? See John 16:13Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? Ask the Holy Spirit to give you a fresh vision. When He gives you the vision, ask the Holy Spirit to give you boldness and confidence to walk out what you see. See Proverbs 29:18 I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland: When we connect our natural to God’s super, He is able to do Super Natural things in and through us. What was once impossible, God will make possible. Doors that were once shut, He will open. Relationships that were once dead, He will revive. Books that were once dormant in our head, He will make active in our heart. All of this is possible, when we say Y.E.S. (Yielding Everything Suddenly). See Ephesians 3:20Beauties, as we prepare for Daylight Savings, let us prepare to Spring Forward in the Spirit. Yielding all to Him, so that He can do a great work in us. We are Winners and we will win in our minds!

Winning in Christ,

Shyreka Sturdivant Water Walking Women Founder

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