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We Win

When you ask the greatest athletes, what sets them apart or how do they win? They mention their relentless commitment and disciple. They work at their craft day and night, consistently. When others are asleep, they are awake in the middle of the night practicing. When others may be out partying, they are working on improving their technique. Reflecting on the theme, "We Win" for the 2017 Water Walking Women Conference, it's important for us to ask ourselves, "Do I have what it takes to win?" As women of faith, we can channel the inner athlete enhance our commitment. What areas of your life could use a little attention? What spiritual discipline could practice more often? What relationships or tasks are stopping you from winning? One thing all athletes will tell you is that they can't do it alone. They have coaches, team mates and community to keep them accountable. Are you tapped into a community of brothers and sisters that push you to win? Take inventory and consider the changes, so that you can operate like the winner you are. Winning takes relentless perseverance. It means being able to fall and get back up. It means still pressing through, even when it feels like you have failed. It means, honing in on your purpose amidst the myriad of distractions. We can win from day to day.  We must celebrate the small victories, too. Small victories such as turning the other cheek towards a nasty co-worker. It means, taking a few deep breaths instead of being upset and giving in to road rage. It means, being a good friend in someone's time of need even when you don't feel like they are always present for you. We must celebrate our small victories, as we look toward our larger purpose.  Winning starts within; it begins with having the right attitude. Do you believe God desires you to win? Scripture tells us, God has big plans for our individual lives. Yet, many of us are afraid of winning. Some of us have settled, we feel too old, incompetent, or confused and we're sitting on the very dreams God gave us. A winning attitude steps out on faith and completes the task despite the fear.  God has given us everything we need to win. God has armed us with tools in scripture, through fellowship and prayer. We are born to win!

As we face the latter part of 2017, I challenge each of us to create an affirmation mantra to keep us reminded that, We Win! Here's mine: God made me a winner! I face every day with confidence knowing I will succeed God has given me everything I need to excel. I will operate in a way that brings love, wholeness, and healing. I will encourage others to tap into their inner winner. I learn from every setback and know that it works for my good. Nothing can stop me, I am a winner today and every day, through God's grace.

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