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I am so glad God is SOVEREIGN

Can I be honest? While I say, believe, and know that I love Jesus, I don't always behave like him, nor share in His mindset as I know I should - I miss the mark and I miss it OFTEN!!


in spite of me, He keeps being Him - SOVEREIGN {inserts a hallelujah}!

And in His sovereignty, He did not allow me to "miss" His message of R.E.S.T - Release Every Situation to God. In His sovereignty, He knew that I and His daughters would need a time out to REST!

Is it just me or are you now seeing messages, posts, and clips about rest? It's like it is everywhere! It's on my Bible App, in my devotions, on Social Media, in Sermons and it is not a coincidence. WE NEED TO REST!

In this time of unrest; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially, we definitely are in need of God's rest. His rest allows us to pause for a moment so that we recover and collect our strength.

The seasons, situations, setbacks, setups, people, trials, and triumphs that we will encounter must be faced with FAITH and not fatigue. We cannot be weary in our well doing, but take the time to rest so that when our due season comes we will reap because we did not faint!

So, again, I invite you to COME to the Conference at the end of the month and REST so you too can recover, refresh and have your strength renewed. I love you and can't wait to see you July 25-27!

Resting in the Lord,

Shyreka Sturdivant


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